New Video of Quantum Rush: Champions explains Racer Properties

A few days ago Quantum Rush: Champions, the single player version of the online future racer Quantum Rush was published in Early Access on Steam. Today, GameArt Studio, the Berlin based developer published a new video that allows insights into the various properties of the different racers.

In Quantum Rush: Champions there are three different manufacturers building racers and each of them builds racers in his own particular way.

The manufacturer Ion Energy Systems is leader in energy technology as he builds racers with the best shields. The second manufacturer Nitroid Racing has the fastest racers in their programme of products, however, these racers have the tendency to overheat or explode quickly. The third manufacturer is Nanofabric Motorworks. Racers built by this manufacturer are very solid and easy to steer.

The video published today

presents the tier 1 racers (the racers of the first league), Auriga, Kite and Clipper, of all three manufacturers and explains their strengths, weaknesses and particularities.

The difference between the racers is, next to the various challenges and game modes, one of the reasons which make the playing experience in Quantum Rush: Champions so exciting and entertaining. Those who wish to attain top results in their campaigns should study the table of properties for each racer published on the steam page or on the official blog.

Spellbind – 2D indie adventure game available for download

Spider Key Games introduces Spellbind, their new first person point-and-click available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Players play the role of Luppe, a young thief who enters the cellar of Lord Amatar’s house to steal his oldest, most expensive bottle of wine. A challenge that sounds easy and possibly could be so, if only the owner of the house had been someone else.

Thessaloniki, Greece – Spider Key Games today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of Spellbind 1.0, their new first person point-and-click adventure game with casual elements for iOS and Android Spellbind and now it will be available for PC platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). Spellbind places emphasis on storytelling and puzzle solving rather than impressive visuals and is easily playable by experienced and inexperienced adventure games fans.

You are Luppe, a 16 years old boy and head of the biggest gang of street urchins in the town of Riathon. You consider yourself to be the “king of thieves” and no one can doubt your stealth skills. One day Ricko, your biggest rival and head of an enemy gang, challenges you in front of all your followers. This is something you cannot defy. You have to accept the challenge and successfully complete it for the sake of your reputation. Ricko must not win!

And what is the challenge? Enter the cellar of Lord Amatar’s house and steal his oldest, thus the most expensive, bottle of wine. A challenge that sounds easy and possibly might be so, if only the owner of house had been someone else. Just knowing the name of the owner gives you goose bumps. But you are obliged to accept the challenge. Otherwise your name and your future as the “king of thieves” will be in danger.

Lost Sea in Development for Consoles & PC – Escape Paradise in 2015!

Today, Eastasiasoft Limited—the Hong Kong–based developer and publisher of interactive entertainment— has revealed the debut game from its new internal studio: Lost Sea. Lost Sea is a B-movie strategy-action game set inside a procedurally generated Bermuda Triangle, scheduled for a 2015 release on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One entertainment system, and PC platforms.

A hands on demo of Lost Sea will be available to attendees of the upcoming PAX Australia, from the 31st of October to 2nd of November. eastasiasoft has also recently began a Greenlight campaign to bring the game to Steam.

“We’re really excited to be able to show people what we’ve been working on” said Aidan Price, Game Designer of Lost Sea. “It’s been a great experience creating a new game from scratch. We can’t wait to get it into people’s hands!”

A debut trailer can be viewed at

Further information about Lost Sea including screenshots, trailers and updates on the game’s development can be found at A press kit is available for download at For the latest updates and announcements follow @lostseagame on Twitter.

TERA: Fate of Arun Announced

En Masse Entertainment Confirms First Expansion for Award-winning Action MMO. Introduces New Threat and the Undiscovered Lands of Northern Arun

En Masse Entertainment, a player driven publisher focused on delivering great games and exceptional service, is excited to announce first details for TERA: Fate of Arun, the first expansion to its award-winning action MMORPG, TERA (PC). The mysterious continent of Northern Arun is finally open – and it’s under siege by a soul-sucking bloodmage army. In Fate of Arun, players will explore this lost world, discover the home city of the Barakan race, fight for the freedom of the native Khirians, and take on a powerful new evil.

Fate of Arun represents the first and biggest expansion for TERA to date, featuring a new level cap of 65 and the lands of Northern Arun to explore through a brand-new storyline, new quests, zones, dungeons, skills, gear and a new PvP battleground, in addition to vast systematic improvements to the gameplay experience.

For supporting assets, including a teaser trailer for Fate of Arun titled ‘The Price of Peace,’ first screenshots, and a first-look at the new logo and key art, please head here:

“It’s been an incredible two years since TERA first launched in North America,” said En Masse Entertainment Producer Patrick “Treeshark” Sun. “Fate of Arun will be, without a doubt, the biggest addition to the world of TERA new and returning players have ever seen – and we’re excited to reveal more details in the upcoming weeks.”

For future details on the upcoming Fate of Arun expansion and to start playing TERA for free today, head to the official website at For the latest news and updates follow TERA on Twitter and Facebook.

Prepare For Action, Hotshots! Wings! Remastered Edition Out Today On PC Via Digital

Watch the launch trailer below and check out the Amiga WW1 pilot classic reimagined in glorious HD

Return to the pilot seat of an Allied fighter and bring the past glories of the Amiga into the present day, as Cinemaware’s Wings! Remastered Edition is out today for PC via digital download. Reimagined in rich HD with the original soundtrack re-recorded in full instrumentation, Wings! Remastered Edition throws you back into the arcade-action of the Amiga classic ‘Wings!’. So get your act together, take to the skies and give the enemy hell before Colonel Farrah has you court-martialled for negligence. There’s also a brand new launch trailer out now for the game – check it out below and experience for yourself the thrill of air combat and admire the daring of these brave pilots.

Wings! Remastered Edition is out today for PC via Steam and can be downloaded here. The Mac version will be available on the Mac App Store soon and a boxed retail edition will also be released on the 14th of November. For more information please visit

Watch the digital launch trailer for Wings! Remastered Edition here

Why I Dont Like Final Fantasy XIII.

I love many of the titles in the Final Fantasy series, with X & IV ranking in with some of my favorite games of all time. When I first got my hands on a copy of XIII only a few days after release I was ready for an experience that would take everything good about XII and slay its flaws. Yet what I got was a broken mess of an adventure contained in an interesting world that was nothing more to the player than a corridor. Let me reveal below, a series of reasons why I believe that that Final Fantasy XIII is a horrid blight in family tree of FF & an objectively terrible release that stands among the worst in modern releases.

One of the worst told stories in fiction, with bland characters that move nowhere and have little in the way of development. The story is stock standard JRPG fare with nothing to connection you to the action, alienating the motivations of the heroes to a space that no one could connect with, and not in the way Kayne & Lynch does, by making you play as two terrible men, but by stunting the emotional development of adult characters for a ‘muh tears’ effect. Sazh is one of the worst, his entire personality is 100% of the time is whining about his child and blaming everyone but his terrible parenting for it. Then you save his kid 3 times and every time he still treats you like shit. Aside whining about his son all he does is say generic lines in a really ‘black’ voice as a comic side character. He’s genuinely worse written than anyone else in the cast, and that’s a feat.

You can rez your party members, but not your leader, leading into the further point of artificial difficultly. Bosses are only difficult because they have a large amounts of health beyond this they fall into simple patterns and lack detail in the fight construction category, leaving them as little more than flashy punching bags that will draw heavy use of restarts. The game is designed so that you cannot progress past a certain point of the Crystarium in chapters to prevent you from grinding. In other words, pure untouched artificial difficultly. You will fight the bosses at a level the game dictates.

Magic is incredibly boring compared to the rest of the series. It’s just a bunch of colorful globs you toss at the enemy. While they may seem menial, a pointless statement that effects nothing about the overall game, it pretty much represents everything wrong with modern FF titles. In as little words as possible, style over substance, the CoD effect.More of a picture story than a game, linear as hell . You could argue most FF games are linear, but XIII is a literal hallway that lacks interactivity beyond text entrys and pausing to go to the toilet . While past chapter 9 there are a few towns, its to little to late.

If you like FFXIII then that’s one thing. It’s a mediocre JRPG, and a god awful FF game.

Stardust Colonies – a uniquely AI-driven RTS just launched on Kickstarter

Stardust Colonies, an AI-driven RTS from a developer specialised in Artificial Intelligence has just launched on Kickstarter.

Lenka Pitonakova, the main developer behind Stardust Colonies, created a mix between classical real time strategy and an emotion management simulation. In the game, the player takes a role of a Colonizator, and a member of a high-tech alien species called ‘gorgans’ who defeat and colonise other planets. Gorgans use lower species, ‘lorkans’ for all their work and control them almost perfectly with their minds. However, each lorkan minion has its own job preference and personal needs, satisfaction of which determines its happiness level and its effectivness at work. The player needs to shuffle minions between job types and keep an eye on their energy levels at the same time in order to create an effective and surviving colony.

The game is currently in the demo stage and offers four campaign missions and an unlimited game play in procedurally generated random maps. Lenka hopes to raise enough funding through Kickstarter in order to hire a 3D artist and a musician and upgrade the game with better graphics and a darker atmosphere. She also has many new ideas for the next version release – for example, there will be alien creatures that will try to steel the player’s resources and kill their minions. The creatures will be afraid of dark though, so building illumination around work areas will become important. More mission objectives, including securing of areas or building monuments will be added as well, bringing more RTS-like game play to the title. The game will also offer an RPG-style tech tree that will allow players to choose from three moral paths: good, evil and pragmatic. Overall, the project promises to bring a lot of new and interesting stuff into the RTS genre and is very much focused on creating a good balance between realistic AI and challenging real time action.

There are a number of reward levels available on Kickstarter. Everyone who pledges £7 or more gets a postcard with cool game art personally signed by the developer. Copy of the upgraded game can be purchased for £14. You can design some in-game objects starting from £100 and there are also high-end rewards that allow backers to become a part of the creative team and shape the future development of the game features and the story.

You can find out more about the game and download the demo from its official web site:

METROCIDE Gets a Video Walkthrough

Brand new indie cyberpunk stealth contract killing adventure METROCIDE has a brand new walkthrough online right now, with commentary from the games devs Rohan and Leigh Harris. Metrocide will be available on Steam and other digital stores for Early Access in mid-October, and will be out for PC and Mac in late 2014.