for Nepal

As many of you may know, on the 25th of April, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, and current reports have estimated that over 8 million people have been affected, displaced by the quake and are in dire need of aid.

Even though International aid has already started to mobilize, with a quarter of the country’s population facing immediate shortages of water, food, and electricity, as well as fears for an outbreak of disease, Nepal needs as much help as possible from the global community. According to the United Nations, at least 1.4 million people currently require food aid.

From today until May 10th, at, we are starting our own donation drive in efforts to help the Nepal Earthquake 2015 Relief Operation. To do this, we will be donating 1 US Dollar for every order made within this time frame to the Hong Kong Red Cross  for relief & recovery work in the Nepal Earthquake 2015 Relief Operation. , as we have cooperated with them before in previous charities. We hope that with your help, we can unite together and help allievate the hardships of the people of Nepal.

For more information about the Hong Kong Red Cross and their efforts, please click here.

Alternatively if you’d like to donate directly, here are 4 other international organizations that may interest you:

  1. Save The Children
  2. American Red Cross
  3. Global Giving
  4. Oxfam

From all of us at, we thank you for taking the time to read this, and for your help in the coming days.


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Today the Mosaic Release has come to EVE Online!

Mosaic brings many changes to EVE’s massive sci-fi universe including:

  • Permanent ship skins with over 100 gorgeous patterns give players a new way to customize their EVE Online experience
  • A new, more open-ended opportunities system for new players to discover the universe
  • Cruiser-sized burner missions offer serious PvE challenges to those daring enough to accept
  • New assembly effects for structures in space
  • Balancing to nullsec and lowsec ores
  • New forcefield efffects for control towers
  • Tech 3 destroyer rebalance
  • Improved corporate role management interface
  • Two-factor authentication for account security
  • Nullsec infrastructure improvements
  • Balancing of battlecruiser warp speeds
  • Updates to the sensor overlay

With the amount of new content coming to EVE in the coming months, we launched a new website with a rolling list of feature additions. You can see full details of Mosaic and other recent releases here:

In addition you can take a look at the full patch notes for the Mosaic release, which give an in-depth breakdown of all the changes that have arrived to New Eden today.

Current and upcoming developments are all featured on our dev blog page:

As always, new players can test out the new opportunities system and play EVE for a free 30-day trial at

The Falling Sun now available on Steam Early Access

From a UK based indie studio comes The Falling Sun, a first person, horror game set in post-WW2 Burma. The Japanese have withdrawn after the Allied victory and British forces regain control of the region, however when a small armoured column goes silent, a young lieutenant is sent on one last mission to find out what happened. Upon his arrival he is faced with horrors beyond that of the World War, will you be able to overcome them?

The Falling Sun provides a gripping story in a refreshing environment all the while keeping you on edge around every corner. The atmosphere will keep you on your toes, keep a keen ear and don’t always rely on your weapon to get you out of harm’s way.

With a series of acts you can immerse yourself in the game’s story through campaign mode; or even face the onslaught of horror in survival. Whatever you choose to do, keep your wits sharp. The game currently ships with two acts and a survival mode but further installments will be added without additional cost from the standard game price.

My Time with Killing Floor

>Buy Killing Floor because it seems fun
>Just starting out
>First game I enter I select the sharpshooter class
>Buy some pistols and start shooting zeds
>”omg kick lvl 1 pls”
>”admin pls kick”
>You have been banned

Search for the legendary Star of Records!

What? You woke up one day and you are now a pixel art character in a strange world? Go on the ultimate star-chasing adventure in Starsss! Search for the legendary Star of Records for your answers! WhiteSponge today announced that the next full and demo version of Starsss Alpha (v0.051a) is now live for Windows/Mac/Linux and is now available for download directly from the game’s site itself.

Download the game directly here from the game’s site:
Starsss’ Game Site –

Mission Control: NanoMech Lands on Steam Early Access

Players use authentic nanoscience while fighting a rogue AI on Mars!

Mission Control: NanoMech is now available on Steam Early Access where users can contribute to the development of this game based on authentic nanoscience and real life NASA space technology.

Find out more at

NanoMech is a single-player action-adventure game in which players use nanoscience to upgrade future space technologies to accomplish mission objectives. Set fifty years in the future as mankind is colonizing the solar system, the player begins the game by delivering a shipment of raw materials to a factory on the surface of Mars. A rogue artificial intelligence named D-brain has taken control of the factory and most of its robotic workers and refuses to let the humans go. With the threat of a massive Mars dust storm cutting off communications to the rest of the Mars bases, it’s up to the player to save the other humans trapped inside the factory.

Luckily, several friendly robots are on hand to help the player fight back. The robots gift the player with a special spacesuit and teach the player how it can be improved with nanotechnology. As the game progresses, the player is helped further by scientists hiding inside the factory who leave clues and information that help the player understand and use the nanomaterials in optimal ways. This improvement process must be mastered by players as it is directly linked to the progressive difficulty in the game. Presented with puzzle challenges, the player must race against the clock to keep their robotic team members functioning while searching for more raw materials and the hidden scientists in order to get strong enough to confront D-brain directly.

NanoMech was partially funded under grants from the National Science Foundation (Grants #0823411, 0835450) and developed in collaboration with NASA through a Space Act Agreement. Nanotechnology, 3D printing and other cutting edge technologies will drive space exploration in the future. The game is based on real nanotechnology and was reviewed by experts for accuracy. Players learn about and authentically use these technologies in order to improve their equipment and succeed at mission objectives. As players learn how to defeat D-brain, they learn about atomic structures of nanomaterials and their different capabilities. Nanotechnology is science, engineering and technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers. Materials developed using this technology have special properties not previously present with traditional methods.